API2 DesktopListbox.ActiveTextControl events handler

I’m trying to catch some ActiveTextControl events while editing a ListBox cell, like SelectionChanged, TextChanged or MouseDown using AddHandler at instance opening, like this:

AddHandler me.ActiveTextControl.MouseDown, AddressOf MouseDownHandler

The handler method MouseDownHandler has been defined this way:

Private MouseDownHandler(sender as DesktopTextControl, x as integer, y as integer) as boolean
(some code here)

This complies well, but the MouseDown event is not dispatched to handler method.

Additionally SelectionChanged and TextChanged events can’t be declared at all using the AddHandler, as the compiler says “DesktopTextControl does not have an event named SelectionChange”

Am I doing something not permitted ?

Using which version of the Xojo IDE?

Last 2022 R1, MacOS BigSur, Desktop app.

Edited: same on Windows10

Just tested also on 2021 R3.1, using both DesktopListBox and ListBox, but changing the event to MouseEnter in ListBox as its ActiveTextControl doesn’t support MouseDown. Same result, no events fired.

So seems that is not possible to set ActiveTextControl event handlers using Delegates.

After more test I’ll correct myself.
AddHandler works with ActiveTextControl, but must be declared just after EditCell(x,y), not before.