API2 autocomplete ambiguity

When autocomplete pops up in Xojo 2020 I get stuff like

Add > Append
Ubound > LastIndex

and since all work, I can’t work out what is implied by the > here.

To me > means ‘greater than’
So Ubound is better than LastIndex?
Or does it mean DON’T use Ubound and DO use LastIndex?

Exactly, > like a finger pointing to Xojo’s recommendation (aka API2). “Project Analysis” is explaining in more details what the IDE doesn’t like in your code.

probably would have been better as

Ubound … use ‘LastIndex’
Ubound is now LastIndex
Ubound ☞ LastIndex

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Lucky you that no German developer is working at Xojo. Otherwise it would probably look like:

Ubound (you still can use this command, but WE URGE YOU TO ONLY USE 'LastIndex' (you made this error 16 times in the past 4 hours 21 minutes and 12 seconds). See [32b], [233§bd1], [34f], [12gf], [31], [43], [234], [22cv] for further explanations. You now have 4 (in words four) attempts left until we will deactivate API 1. - This message is GDPR compliant, you can find our privacy policy in the about section.



But more seriously, though I think the platform has more serious issues, I do agree that at first glance the “>” is confusing as it really reads as “greater than”. It will definitely be confusing for hobby developers, who are not too familiar with the changes which happened.

A simple change to ‘–>’ would probably already be enough to confuse people less. It is most likely a very simple and small change but can add quality to the product.