API1 Project Run on 2021r1.1/BS/M1 (bug)

I have intermittent access to a MacBook Pro M1 and so I check some API 1 projects in “real life use” when I can.

I had a strange malfunction: the project (run in the IDE), but have two glitches…

a. it do not display an image in its Canvas (this is a template loaded by default). BS ask permission to access to the disk and I gave it.
At result time, the saved file holds the default image… I can load a template (different to the default one… or the same !). So, I could make the test with several different images without success.

b. I put a second image inside that template. The “Result Preview” Canvas display a correct image.
But at save time this image is not saved (only the default template as I wrote above).

What is strange is… in the debugger, the work is done correctly. Worst, the result image is resized from the original and displayed in the “Result Preview” Canvas.

BTW: the templates are images with an alpha channel. In the debugger, black is displayed where there is no pixels (à la Windows).

I checked with 5 different images, then I gave up (I generated the images with my i5 MacBook Pro).

I am at loss of idea here.

To the developers who do some work with images: did you get troubles with Xojo 2021r1.1 / BS/M1 ?

Doh ! I nearly forgot:
beside this, the project does not needed any change to run.

I can save the image at two sizes: 256 x 256 in an .ico file (maximum possible .ico size) and larger (non resized, less than 600 x 600 / 72 dpi) in a png file. The later is the one who have a problem.

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