Does anyone know of any Database ORM that is API 2 compliant now that Bkeeney has publicly stated he is not making ActiveRecord/ARGen produce API 2 code?

When we were investigating ActiveRecord and API 2.0, the “prepared statement all the things” feature in API 2.0 still left some massive critical flaws in API 2.0 database interaction.

Is API 2.0 ready for database interaction in production environments yet? Last I knew it was not, and this move would be premature (and cause you more headaches!)

This is the first that I’ve heard that API 2.0 is not production ready? Are you quite sure @Tim Parnell ??

This is a bold statement. If true it should mean that every release after 2019 r1.1 should be invalidated and wait for a fix. ANY current release MUST be ready for production, if not, it’s called alpha, beta or a retreated release due to bugs.

The latest inconsistencies thread I could find quickly:

Last I knew, preparing every SQL statement being issued is mangling some things that shouldn’t be. I am honestly asking, have these things been fixed, and is API 2.0 database stuff ready for production yet?

At this time, I don’t know these answers and am staying with what works.

I’m very worried about API2 now.

And what is that? 2019rx.y have a bug leaking htmlviewers in Windows only fixed after API2.

This is also my opinion and the reason I just leave my coding on 2019R1.1 (API 1.0) for the time being. Which doesn’t mean I don’t have no confidence in future versions, I just renewed my license a week ago (20% off), but it’s just not my time to play since it’s hard enough to keep things going as they go during these weird times. Which the Xojo team lot’s of succes, since it’s also difficult for them to keep everybody satisfied.

FWIW…we upgraded our internal ORM database framework (that works exclusively with PostgresSQL) to API 2.0. Once we worked out our own bugs, it has been functioning without any known issues. API 2 allowed us to remove a lot of custom code and our new ORM framework is very clean.

Really? That is actually what Bkeeney said. They dont even use API 2.0 for their own software. Quoting him " The API 2.0 saga is not finished by a long shot and it will take a while resolve itself (hopefully)"

That is nothing new, most new features are not “production ready” for a few releases. Never use a new feature in its first release. [quote=488181:@Joost Rongen] I just renewed my license a week ago (20% off),[/quote]
Fun fact, looks like Xojo web is nowere near to have a release. Anyone thinked about that if a STABLE release is not made in les than 2.5 months, you are actually loosing money buying with that 20% off

Me? I skipped the entire 2017, 2018 and now 2019 waiting for a “kind of” stable one. That doesn’t work for new users. They expect to buy stable products.

Well, for now. I have a working ActiveRecord project using API 2 - it just hasn’t made it into ARGen yet. Hoping to have news on this in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks Bob, last I heard from you was you’d not got any plans to move to 2.0 so that’s refreshing to hear. Thank you.