API 1.0 Woes In Newer Versions of Xojo

I usually am 100%. API 2.0. I’m running the latest version of Xojo (2022 r4.1).

I’m trying to experiment with CustomEditfield (which is an API 1.0) project. Whilst I can open and run perfectly fine this project in 2022r4.1 I wanted to start a new project to test it out and get a feel for it.

The problem is, I can’t create a new desktop project in 2022r4.1 and drop the CustomEditfield folder into the navigator because it won’t compile (understandable, it had API 1.0 components and windows and they are incompatible with an API 2.0 project).

If I elect to save the project as a copy the IDE warns me that the API 1.0 autocomplete will be disabled (which is not what I want).

How on Earth do I create a new API 1.0 desktop project in 2022r4.1 so I can use this?

  1. Create a new project in an older version of the IDE (I used 19.3.2)
  2. Save the project to the Templates Folder of the current IDE
  3. Create a new project in the current IDE choosing the api1 template

Ensure you have the “Shows Deprecated Items” switch turned on in settings


Thank you.