Anyone with ADDR.Com? seems to be down (again) taking my site with it. Just days after someone recommended Cloudflare, but before I set it up…

Does anyone know whats happening with them?
The whois record for my site is showing that it was modified today (but not by me)
Im out of business until I can sort this out: its quite a shock!

Cloudflare is not a host. It’s an advanced DNS provider that can help mitigate some forms of DDoS attacks. It’s also a CDN that optimizes based on geography to “speed” your site up.

Your host appears to be having some kind of DNS issues. is still up but the main IP that their DNS points to is not up thus its not working.

That Ip was interesting.
DNS and email are both dead for me

Well their DNS is not behaving. I can query it directly but other DNS providers are not using them so some kind of domain authoritative issue. Until DNS is resolved all of your services will be down.

From what I’ve been reading they’re a terrible company. If you get access back you should move your site.

This has become a nightmare.
ACIO is showing on the WHOIS site
They wont deal with me because they only ‘resell’

1&1 cant transfer the domain without an authorisation code, and I cant get a response from anyone by email.
(especially ADDR)
I can set up a new site quickly, but no-one will know it exists

I need real and urgent help from someone who know about this stuff: does anyone have a recommendation?

Are you listed as the contacts on your domain? It should be easy enough to transfer.

I’m not too experienced with domain transfer.
ICANN might be able to help, but it won’t be fast.

I wouldn’t suggest 1&1 either, I haven’t heard anything good about them.

Try Dynadot as a registrar. I love them. Like so much that’s not even my referral link.
Best support I ever had comes from Dynadot.

I am. it should be. So far, it doesnt appear to be.
(cant get an auth code as no-one is replying to emails)
Its hard to be objective - I am flapping a bit

I concur with Tim. 1and1 was one of the worst experiences I had a few ago. They have the nerve to tell you up front there is no support whatsoever. Horror stories abound all over the Internet.

I personally no longer let hosting services manage my domains. I have used as a registrar for over a decade, so if anything goes wrong I can modify my DNS myself and transfer the domain in a second.

I agree. Personally, I use Hover.

I have moved away from Hover (excluding 1 domain I keep forgetting to move) to Dreamhost. I host some of my sites there (and some at ServerWarp aka 1701hosting). Dreamhost has a good support team and are fairly responsive (time wise) to any and all requests. I really cant say anything bad about them as a hosting provider nor as a registrar.

Ive found a setting that allows me to change the name servers from NS.ADDR.COM and NS2.ADDR.COM to something else.
So if I buy hosting elsewhere, and tell them the name of the site, would I just change this to (for example) NS.SOMETHING.COM and it all ‘just works’?
Or does the domain still need to be transferred so that the new name server will handle the DNS?
(and presumably email?)

I could leave the registrar alone and buy hosting from them perhaps?
And my apologies for the very off topic conversation: you guys are the most experienced I know…

[quote=241178:@Jeff Tullin]Ive found a setting that allows me to change the name servers from NS.ADDR.COM and NS2.ADDR.COM to something else.
So if I buy hosting elsewhere, and tell them the name of the site, would I just change this to (for example) NS.SOMETHING.COM and it all ‘just works’?[/quote]


However, we’re all recommending you leave them as quickly as you can.
If you can get in to change your nameservers, you should be able to unlock for a domain transfer.

It is extremely easy to transfer a domain name to a new registrar. At Directnic, all is needed is to buy one year of registration $15.00. It must be just as simple with the other registrars mentioned above.

I think it is good practice to chose a very reputable registrar so you are sure he will not go under or something, SEPARATE from the hosting service. Then you can go 1and1 or any other chippie without fearing that the most important part of your web storefront, the name, is not at risk.

I think thats where I am. Right now Im just waiting for them to get back to me. We’re well out of business hours in the UK at this moment.

Interesting to hear that 1 and 1 have a bad rep around here. Searching for ‘best web hosts’, on many lists they show up 5 or 6 from the top.

People sometimes mistake cheap for “best.”

1and1 is cheap, which makes it attractive, but their service sucks. Another reason why they are touted as one of the best is that they spend a lot in advertisement. As we all know, reviewers objectivity tends to be swayed sometimes by such budgets…

I use my sites to sell software. I cannot afford half baked service and haphazard uptime. As a friend of mine used to say, there are bargain that become expensive.

To put things in perspective, if I miss a day of sales, it is far, far more expensive than the monthly rate of my current hosts. Which maybe more than 1and1, but if I need service or simply them to answer email, no sweat.

I forgot to mention my host for Xojo apps, and : Phillip Zedalis not only is a fellow Xojo user, he is also the most gracious businessman.

Oh, Jeff, you are not alone. A fellow in posted a link to his web site of his using GraffitiSuite for demo purposes, and bad luck has it, the poor soul is also hosted by very much down cloudflare…