Anyone using Packages installer?

How do you install to:

SpecialFolder.ApplicationData using Packages?

That folder is the Library under the User on MacOS
but everything I try under Packages puts it under Library on the hard drive NOT under the user.

Thus my app can’t find it. Under Users is just Shared. No option to install in logged in user account tree.

Look for Q&A #03

I scoured the site and never saw that! THANK YOU!

I also emailed the author and did not hear back. This is just what I needed.

Just an idea: have you thought about writing your own installer? It’s way less stressful than trying to create a pkg file. It’s a bit more work to get one app into another. But then it’s straightforward and you have it much easier when copying stuff hither and yon with Xojo.

I simply use App Wrapper to create the installer.Works flawlessly.

Am using Packages as well. However, when running the .pkg file, my app doesn’t appear with its folders and read me file etc. in the Applications folder. Which tiny little switch didn’t I turn right? In Payload / Settings / I set /Applications. Not good enough apparently,

The native installer will replace the existing copy if you have one. Testing installer on your development machine is not recommended. I’m not certain if you can override this behavior, but I wouldn’t recommend that either - as anyone who is familiar with their operating system will be caught off guard.

Actually, since the installer replaces the app wherever it is, it probably replaces the latest build :smiley:

Thanks guy, I dumped Packages (also no response from the originator), and I do it for my non-professionel software with .dmg, as Tim suggest in an other thread.