Anyone used :XMLStyleSheet, XmlXsltHandler HELP!

It contains about 1500 rules / conditions / Calculations etc etc :crazy_face:

Because it’s perfectly created (as you will understand… not by me :wink: )
It’s having a layered structure … (as it supposed to have)

A base - with general “methods/templates”
Subset - more general “methods/templates” for a specific group of XML files
Detail - still more “methods/templates” but now specific for a particulair XML file (message)

When I read one of the Detail XSL it’r refers to it’s subset and back to base …

Ok … now you know with what I’m hasseling … now my question

How can I load a XMLStyleSheet so that it’s also loading/imports the rest of the XSL files (URL’s)

I see in XmlXsltHandler events that suggest me that It is possible … But I don’t get it to work (lack of examples) …

I get far more hits on Google about how to Kill your neighbours cat, then how to work with XLS files in Xojo…
While IMHO XMLStyleSheets are much more interesting :smirk:

So please help me!!!

Kind regards,