Anyone use a pull-down menu yet?

Starting with iOS14, pull down menus are available. Adding a new item to a list I use a “+” toolbutton. In my current case, I would like the user to specify one of three options when doing this. In the past I would use a MessageBox but it seems like a pull down menu is sleeker. Anyone played with this or have any Declares handy?

But is it me?.. in the example images I cannot tell what ‘button’ the pull down menu is offering choices for…

  • A menu opens very near the button that reveals it, so people can instantly understand the relationship between the menu’s items and the action they’re performing.

In the first image, it’s the greyed-out camera icon below the menu.

In the second image, it’s the greyed-out … icon in the toolbar.

A pull -UP menu then…? :slight_smile:

I will see what I can do to add this to iOSKit.

I already use pull down menus in some apps, but they are faked using a Table and invisible container control to dismiss when user taps elsewhere.


Ive been using MobilePopupMessage for this, but it doesnt have the icons…

So it actually works, but the UIMenu can only be shown using a MobileButton, not a ToolbarButton for the moment.


This is what I need to do in my current project. Is this in UIKit? I think I must have an old version as it doesn’t sync up with current API.
Do you still upkeep a version of UIkit for public access?

UIMenu is now available in my fork of iOSKit: GitHub - jkleroy/iOSKit

I believe @Jason_King will accept my pull request soon.

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Pull request has been accepted. Thanks Jeremie

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