Anyone Targeting the Raspberry Pi?

I’m just curious what types of projects you might be using XoJo on the Pi.

I don’t anything particular in mind but would love to what others are doing. :slight_smile:

i have a oil heating system control app running at pi 4 communicate with a pi zero w.

Yeah, Im running secure smart doors with circular displays. Works ok here.

They have night vision on them too.

For what does an oil heating need a Pi?

the pi get temperature input by 1 wire bus sensors and switch burner on/off with relai.
(replacement for old system)

I have a multifunction display that I use for many of my marine products. Some of the products are a navigation lighting controller, a telemetrics system for monitoring fuel usage and freezer temperatures on large vessels, and a winch controller for fishing trawlers.

I also have multiple pi’s running Xojo applications that are not used in products, mainly a reflow oven and a home automation controller.

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I have production tracking system based on multiple PIs. They are connected to manufacturing plant machines to monitor work and update database with reports every minute. Touchscreens show work statistics.

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Lot’s of cool Pi stuff going on I see. It is quite a cool little device. I have a few of them I’m not currently using. I may have to do some programming for one of them just to see it works out.