Anyone running a font editor (preferably, but not obligatory on a Mac)?

Dear fellow Xojoists,

for something completely different: Did anyone manage to have a font editor running on his Mac?
I tried several days to install some of the free- or shareware solutions for the Mac, mostly running under X11 and demanding a lot of manual installs, handling different console-driven development systems. I failed.

For a book I’m currently working on, the customer has decided to use a freely available headline font. So far no problem, but the font designer forgot to put the umlaut dots on an ö, therefore reading o … After above mentioned days of unsuccessful experiments I’d rather like to ask you if you could modify the font for me – or if you could give me hints on how to successfully install and compile one of those editors. Would you?

Ttfedit and birdfont… Both free

Birdfont is one of those I couldn’t convince to run. I’ll check out Ttfedit, thanks!

No, I won’t. It’s for TrueType only as the name suggests – the namely font is OpenType.

I overread there’s a compiled version of Birdfont available. Hm, it runs! :slight_smile:
Let‘s see if I manage to insert those dots.

Thanks a lot for pointing me there again!

Hey, I can edit my posts! Is that new?

Ok, I managed to insert the dots. Not that easy because ehe preview doesn’t show enough space above the characters, but transferring them from another character and inserting them in the same place made it.
But, although it’s a freeware font, it’s not licensed under the demanded SIL license. It tells me I have to upgrade to the commercial version. For just two dots …?

I was unfair. Commercial version is at least 1 US$. Only problem I have to tell PayPal about a new account, but this will be done in 1–2 days. So everything’s fine, thanks again!

Sounds pretty rough for a seemingly simple task :frowning: I wish you well and the best of luck. Bad comes to worse I, or someone else here, could edit the font for you to your liking, should you have further troubles.