Anyone remember this RealBasic app?

For love of me I cannot remember the name of an app that was made with Realbasic but the company folded about 10 years ago. It allowed you to make a side-scrolling game using the SuperSpriteSurface control from TinRocket. I think the developer eventually open sourced the engine. Does anyone remember this? If so, what was it called? I want to say it was by Swordfish software? Google has not been my friend…

sawblade perhaps?

Yes Dave! You little detective. Thanks. It was called Power Game Factory and was made by Sawblade Software.

FYI… I guess I have a better relationship with Google than you do… I found it it in like 2 minutes :slight_smile:

it’s called GoogleFu …:slight_smile:

The google is strong with this one.

Google has taught you well, you have controlled your searches

But you are not a Jedi yet

DuckDuckGo got it in one: