Anyone know of a simple html editor with preview?

Hi everybody,
I have used a mac app called WebDesign, which has been upgraded to EverWeb.
I use it to design simple web pages for microcontrollers like esp8266 or esp32
every web design app of today forces you to use complicated templates I don’t need
I used iWeb and Claris Homepage even before…
the aim is to build some single page html web pages, with a wysiwyg preview.
a table editor is very welcomed. I also need text, buttons, canvas mainly.

As I will soon receive my new M2 macbook, and as webdesign is 32bits I have to replace it…
UTM doesn’t let you emulate macos prior to monterey.
it lets me emulate macos 9 so in a way I could return to claris home page …

webdesign, as its successor everweb, has been written with realbasic (or even xojo ?), so if the author is reading this post, why not try to recompile it quickly ? or even open source it ?

so any suggestions are welcomed !

Interesting, I tried to email ragesw just recently because I was interested in MailShoot. I have a need to send a super small batch of like 10 personalized emails and didn’t want to spend the time with email campaign tools :upside_down_face:

I didn’t get a response, but I may have sent to the wrong address. I didn’t use the ticket form because I just found it now. I might try again with the contact form.

I’ve met Paul, the guy who makes EverWeb and he’s a really nice guy!

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@Paul_Levine ?

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I’ll be watching this thread with interest, because I’ve also been looking for an html editor with preview, and haven’t been able to find anything that suits my purposes. I’ve been maintaining an old website that I built with iWeb. This forces me to keep Sierra running on one machine so that I can still run iWeb.

Finally, a few months ago, I decided that the website was simple enough that if I could put together one master style sheet, it would be easy enough for me to convert the old site by writing raw html using Visual Studio Code for the html editor and LibreOffice Writer for styled text editing. It’s actually worked surprisingly well, and I now have more consistently formatted web pages that use only 1/10 the amount of memory. The site has a total of about 60 pages, and I’ve converted about half of them now. I work one it whenever I have a bit of spare time. It only takes me a couple of minutes to convert one page if it has only text and pictures. However I have several pages with lots of latex formatted equations and other pages with forms. These take a bit longer. It was a bit of a learning curve setting up the style sheet, but it was well worth the time spent. I now understand much better what’s happening below the surface, and it’s helped me design much better pages.

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Mac product

If you are a SetApp subscriber, you might try Whisk. My needs are very simple, but it works for me.

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webdesign, as its successor everweb, has been written with realbasic (or even xojo ?), so if the author is reading this post, why not try to recompile it quickly ? or even open source it ?

Hi Jean-Yves,

I am the author of WebDesign and EverWeb. EverWeb is not really the replacement of WebDesign as EverWeb is more of a design tool while WebDesign was an actual code editor. EverWeb is more of a successor to iWeb.

WebDesign will not compile anymore because it is using very old Plugins that no longer exist and don’t work with the latest versions of macOS or Xojo.

There are many other code editors now, I’d have to think a bit to find something that is as close to WebDesign though. I use Nova at the moment but I don’t think it does what you want.

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Hey Tim,

I am sorry I haven’t responded to your email. I have it and was thinking about your question a bit more. I have been on a small vacation so I still need to catch up on email.

I will send you a reply shortly though.

Thanks Beatrix. espresso seems a very nice app, but I did not find how to insert a table without typing the table html tags in the text editor ? is there another more user friendly way ?

I only have a super old version of Espresso which I haven’t used in years. Sorry.

so it seems you can emulate macos < 10.15 with UTM but it’s so slow that it is unusable…

A friend of me gave me his license of CS6 long time ago as he didn’t use it. He explained me how to make my first website with DreamWeaver. CS6 won’t run when I will update my Mac (and my system). I’m looking for the same software as Jean-Yves. I want to edit HTML code and see live the result. And if possible be able to add some things (table, picture) in the page and see it be added in the HTML code.
I bought BbEdit some months ago but I didn’t reach to do that.

it offers live preview, pretty cool

If you’re looking for a text editor that has a live preview you could try Nova.

BBEdit does support preview in browser

For quick content building, I recommend EverWeb or RapidWeaver but those are more template based than it sounded like @Jean-Yves_Pochez was looking for so I didn’t want to bring them up earlier.

I build with Blocs, but that’s more of a layout builder than it is a content manager.

I’m happy to make web dev recommendations, but I’m just really not sure what OP is looking for.

I use HTML Editor , it is very easy to create a page.html
It is a standalone software

where did you get it so that I may try ? thanks.

I’m looking for a simple html editor, with some tools to easily create tables, or text with style.
simple buttons, lists. all in one app, and with live preview within the app
the aim is to code simple one html page at a time for embedded microcontrollers (so tiny memory)
I don’t need fancy templates (and I don’t want them for this)

WebDesign was almost a perfect candidate for this !

exemple of the webpages I want to build :

For years I have used Mozilla BlueGriffon, but unfortunately, it no longer works under Ventura.

Go in App Store and find ‘HTML editor’

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nice app too with preview.
still doesn’t have any helpers to make table or styled text fast and easy.