Anyone interested in catching a hockey game in Nashville?

The Nashville Predators are in town the same week we’ll be there, and I’d love to catch a game. There are 2 games that week, Winnipeg on Mar 24, and Los Angeles on Mar 26th. I’d much rather go to the Winnipeg game on the 24th, and my flight schedule will get me there just a few hours before game time.

Is anyone else interested in joining me at the game on Tuesday the 24th? Looks like there are still tickets left, but they likely will sell out so we’ll need to get tickets figured out soon. You can check on ticket pricing and availability here:

If there is interest, I’d be happy to purchase tickets in a block so we can sit together, and just have everyone reimburse me.

Looking forward to the conference!

Excuse my ignorance — ice or field? <I saw web says it is ice!> Isn’t it at 7 pm and this is when the Xojo Registration, meet and greet is on?

Count me in for four tickets please!

I can’t make it to Nashville, but somebody once told me they went to a fight and a hockey game broke out …

Yes, this will interfere with the Meet and Greet on Tuesday evening. As I understand it, you can register first thing the next morning. @Dana Brown will correct me here if I’m wrong. Thanks!

You are correct. You can register between 8-9AM Wednesday morning. Plus there’s often a crowd at the bar late, so I’m sure you’ll still run into attendees when you get back :slight_smile:

Excellent, so we can do both, with minimal cost. I haven’t seen an Ice Hockey game live since the mid 1970s! Best spectator sport in the world, after Aussie Rules that is.

Last call if you want to join us! There are not a ton of tickets left, so speak up if you’d like to see some amazing ice hockey!

How do you plan to get to the game? I would be interested in the the 24th