Anyone here from the old RealBASIC 5.5 giveaway keys?

I was pondering this the other night: the main reason why I got started working with Xojo today is because back when MS killed VB6, REAL Software gave out free RB 5.5 license keys to anyone who wanted one. I used that license forever until it started having issues compiling on modern machines, and then I bought Xojo Desktop.

I did some playing with VB.NET when that was still fresh, but ended up going down the path of RB since it didn’t rely on the (at the time) clunky .NET runtimes necessary to distribute with the binary, and RB boasted the ability to create a single file executable (RIP!)

Did anyone else get into Xojo / buy Xojo due to the marketing that REAL Software did back then in April 2005? I’m genuinely curious…

Yep, I am one of the people who switched to Real Software from those days :slight_smile:

Me too.

heh - I predate that by many many years

I did. That offer definitely tipped the scales for me and I’ve been with RB/RS/Xojo since.

…raises hand… me too!

I started in 2003 with the Windows 5.0 version and unfortunately it wasn’t a giveaway. For me RealBasic was the successor for RapidQ, the basic compiler from William Yu, who 's working now for Xojo inc.

Not me. Using it since it was called CrossBasic in the late 90’s. Oh the age…

Started with CrossBasic before FYI bought it and renamed it REALbasic
Long ago & far away

What a pack rat!

I still have 5.5 CD, Realbasic QuickStart and Toutoral manuals, and the front, back, and side panel of the box. Price tag on the box is $99.95.

Was clearing out some old software. Anyone want? Otherwise to file 13.

I did my cleaning a few years back, but I still had my RealBasic 4.5, as well as FutureBasic from the same era and ZBasic disks from the 90’s…

Have moved too much to keep karma. It is much better in my memories anyway.

Geez I still have old 5.5 manuals and somewhere RB 1.0 disks :stuck_out_tongue:

I started then as well

I started then too