Anyone familiar with Rishabh Software

Had an interesting phone call from these folks. They are looking for ‘partners’ to collaborate with in the U.S.
I don’t think I fit the situation, but who knows??

Last phone call I had similar to that ended up, the “partner” needed to make a “small investment”… and we all know how those go

I’ve been getting pestered by a TV show in the States called NewsWatch on the AMC Network. Apparently they want to do a live feature about Server Ranger 2 and LibertyApp. As much as I like Server Ranger 2 and think it’s a useful tool for sysadmins, I somehow doubt it makes for great morning TV :wink:

After they pestered me some more, I decided to investigate, and you guessed it, they also require money. So, you’re basically paying them to do a segment on your product. Any time someone is looking for an investment or a payment upfront, alarm bells should ring!

Exactly what I expected, but hasn’t come yet.

They told me they had reviewed my web page (a piece of junk thrown up quickly) and were looking for Texas companies to work with. I reviewed their website and can only say that if that is all true, why the hell would they call me? I’m a one-man shop in the boonies (“behind the Pine Curtain” as I call it).

We have locations in a couple of places and we’ve gotten the exact same call for 2 locations (they didn’t realize that both locations had the same 480 phone number :slight_smile: ). And, We got one yesterday for an Airline “News program” featuring up and coming new companies (we’ve been in business since 1985). I stopped their spiel and asked for the bottom line and the girl actually hung up on me :smiley: >_>

I get 2 or 3 of these a year - “William Shatner is hosting a program …” or “Some Popular actor, blah, blah, blah” And since I spend WAAAAAY too much time in the air, I would have expected to see at least ONE of these programs at some time.

Shady? I think so.

[quote=368191:@Tim Jones]or “Some Popular actor…” [/quote]Troy McClure?

“And you might remember me from shows like” …