Anyone Else Mix Up the Names Xojo and Xcode?

I constantly spotlight starting both and can’t remember what to type as a shortcut for each. Let’s see X…O… for “Zojo” and Xcode starts with…um, oh, X again.

No, that’s just you. :slight_smile:

Darn! Where can I upgrade my brain OS?

Autocorrect “fixes” Xojo to Xcode for me too often…

So, it’s not just you :slight_smile:

Can’t say that I do but on a related note, I type the word Xojo all day long and I’ll admit the X and Z keys are just tooo close. Zojo happens. :slight_smile:

And on Internet, searching for Xojo leads to results for Dojo :wink:

Nope :wink:

Here’s an interesting piece of trivia, when we were trying to name the product 16 years ago, one of the options was “CodeX”.

I would have liked Codex. It has a gamer feel to it.

good that we have a QWERTZ keyboard in Germany. :wink:

Too antique for me…

Ha! I would have loved to have to type CodeX and Xcode.

Nope! Because I read those two words backwards (but only those two)