Anyone else having trouble with eSellerate?

Has anyone else contacted eSellerate recently? They’re not responding to any of my recent e-mails. I just want to see if anyone else is having issues before I stay up late one night and try to call them.

ask Bob. I think he has many problems recently…

The last thing I want to do now is to take the time out and change who we use for selling our software, but they’ve been getting worse and worse and now they won’t respond to my e-mails regarding an accounting issue I’ve discovered where they’ve been paying me less than they should have been.

I guess I really should bite the bullet and dump them.

Yes, I wrote to eSellerate and they answered - to close the account. Fastspring is waaayyyy better.



Not to get into an argument on which is better or not, but I chose to go with eSellerate for two reasons. One, is the webstore (Fastspring has that too) but the other thing was perhaps even more important to me and that was the ability to control how many machines any piece of software is tied to. If I make one sale and it gets put on 50 machines I know have one dedicated, but cheap customer. eSellerate does that nicely and also has some nice offline features for those that don’t have internet connections (it happens).

But, in all honesty, if I could find something as good, with more or less the same feature set, and as easy to use I’d probably switch. I looked at FastSpring about the time Real Studio 2012 series wouldn’t work with eSellerate for Windows, but a) eSellerate finally found the problem and b) I didn’t think that FastSpring gave me the same benefits.

I’m ready to be convinced otherwise.