Anybody using fossil as version control system?

I wonder if anybody else is using fossil for version control. It is a distributed version control system like GIT, based on SQLite. It was written and is maintained by Dr. D. Richard Hipp and it was created to serve as the repository for SQLite.

Apart from being a distributed system like GIT it comes with a wiki and a ticketing system and its own http-server onboard. I use it since 2009 for my Python and Realbasic/Xojo Projects and I’m very satisfied. What I really like is the fact that you can customize it with just a little SQL knowledge.

Before I forget, here is a link

I am constantly evaluating softwares.
I find Fossil an interesting option.
But let me show an interesting comparison from one I intend to study soon:

Looks good. Thank you for the link. But I found the following topic on their forum:

Appears that they have stopped working on this project.

The product is stable. V2.5.
Just being on hold and not starting a new version for 3 months due to the developing of a new product is nothing to scare me.

If anyone is using Fuel for Fossil there is a new 2.0 beta version available.