Any Xojo compatible POS equipment?

Well, now that I’m no longer suicidal about what I heard at WWDC this year, I once again am turning my attention to the projects and customers that knock on my door. I’ve recently started a new point of sale contract (specific to the cryptocurrency world) and I’m wondering if any of you know of any POS hardware that easily interfaces with Xojo?

Yes, I’m aware that some of it (scanners, etc) will just act as a keyboard and anything that’s RS232 can be communicated with through serial but I’m wondering if there are any ‘nice to have’ libraries out there already done to make things quicker and simpler.

Google for “Mac POS” and find the hardware mac vendors recommend (like MacPOS and LightSpeed both of which are mac only POS solutions)
While that wont give you libraries that drive them it will give you some ideas of hardware to look at

All of the scanners I’ve been working recently all have serial input. I’ve avoided the scanners ‘acting like a keyboard’ crap. I don’t have to worry about what TextField has the focus which has major ramifications depending on other UI - especially in Windows (if you go there).

It’s so hard to hold my tongue over Mac POS … so many joke opportunities.

One of our clients used NewEgg’s business services to put together a hardware solution. Since most are simply serial communication devices, pretty much any modern device should work.

The term “POS” is full of them regardless of OS

I would have thought integrating with the EFT system would have been more of a challenge, or perhaps NZ is particulary protective of this environment? We currently have 60% of outlets accepting Paywave (contactless payments) and 99% with EFT-Pos through the banking system.

EFT is challenging to integrate even in the States. Thankfully, we’re not having to deal with many of the traditional parts of it as this isn’t a ‘traditional’ POS. Still, what we are having to deal with is a bit of a pain.