Any workarounds for using Xojo Slack Library in Web App?

I’ve been playing with the Slack library developed by Paul. See

It is really cool but does not work with Xojo Web apps.

I would like to send Slack messages from a Web App. I thought of launching a helper app, but that seems a little cumbersome and I’m not sure if a Desktop helper app would cause problems since it would need a logged in user. The only quick solution I can think of is to have the Web app post the messages to a database and then have a Desktop app running somewhere else monitor the database and send the messages to Slack.

Ideally, I would like the Web app to talk directly to slack. I’m assuming Paul used the new framework HTTP socket for a reason. Is it possible to re-write the library with the old HTTP socket? Anyone have a better idea?

I didn’t try using the classic HTTPSocket, so I don’t know if it works with Slack. It ought to be pretty easy to test that.

You might also look into the GlueKit open-source project to see if it might help with using the classic HTTPSocket.