Any way to use F5 as run shortcut again?

Any way to use F5 as run shortcut? like it used to be on rb.

I know about ctrl+r, but im having trouble to get used to it :slight_smile:


+1 ^^

If you’re on a Mac, you can use the Keyboard system prefs pane to set up alt-F5 as the shortcut for run.

I haven’t tried it, but would something AutoHotKey on Windows let you do this?

+2 You’ve heard of gorrilla arm? I’ve got Xojo finger.

F5, Alt/Cmd+R? What’s that! Just speak Project Run! I love using voice dictation for many aspects of my daily programming activities, including all sorts of actions for Xojo.

I say a lot of things to Xojo. Fortunately, it doesn’t understand. :wink:


Seriously though, I think the best bet is what others have said, use a keyboard macro tool. I’m sure if you find a solution, others would like to know.