Any way to reuse a PageSource control?

PageSource.EditSource only runs when the component is first created.

I want to reuse the component. Is there any way to reset it so that another Source can be passed to it? I have tried Close then Open. I get an error when I try to close the page then reopen it.

I don’t want to create a new PageSource control every time I want to load a different Source.

The PageSource is useful because it is the only thing I have found that responds to WebButton.

No. PageSource controls only get sent to the browser once. You could probably do what you want with ExecuteJavascript or even better, the WebSDK.

or navigate to another webpage with another page source.
Source is only sent to browser once as far as I remember.

That’s why I wanted to reuse. I have about 100 pages (converting a desktop app to web). Can I add the PageSource control via code when the page opens?

I will try ExecuteJavascript on Monday.