Any way to detect backspace on a MobileTextField?

I’m trying to make a little MFA control with six text fields (think your Netflix or Disney+ apps) and I want to detect backspace to move the cursor back between fields. If there’s a character in one of the fields and you tap on it and tap on the backspace button then the TextChanged event will fire. But if there’s no character in the field then tapping backspace doesn’t fire any event.

MobileTextArea controls have a SelectionChanged event which will fire when you tap backspace even if there are no characters in the control but you can’t specify a numeric keyboard type for the MobileTextArea.

That sounds like a big since the selection isn’t actually changing.

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Please don’t log it as I rely on that event firing for all non-character changes for another custom control!

Seriously? You don’t get to ask me (or anyone else) to not file a bug report for something that affects the project that I’m working on dude. Now I am going to report it.

Oh calm down. If I was conspiring to prevent bug fixes I wouldn’t log bug reports! Xojo gets to decide whether it is by design or not. I’ll add some info to your ticket about how I’m using it so they can decide the best way forward.

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Is there no KeyPressed event in ios framework? That’s where I would implement this kind of function in Desktop.

(Written mobile so I havent looked for the event, sorry)

Just checked and the answer is “no”. Certainly a welcome addition, if iOS provides this event at all.

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This really blew me away with the iOS framework - that there’s no KeyPressed event, so there’s no way to add physical keyboard shortcuts for iPad that doesn’t involve complex Declares.