Any replacements or workarounds for these?


The following items have been removed in XOJO 2019 Release 2
• FolderItem.MacDirID
• FolderItem.MacFSRef
• FolderItem.VRefNum
• FolderItem.ResourceForkLength

They are used in macoslib, FileManager.

Are there any replacements or workarounds or an update for FileManager in macoslib?



None of those make any sense on modern macOS system. It has been many years since any of them really made any sense to have.


Thanks Björn Eiríksson,

I have a solution for this one as I need it too. This uses my own AppKit, but you should be able to translate it to a different kit.

Dim destVolumeID, error as integer
if NSURLGetResourceValue( destination.NSURL, destVolumeID, "NSURLVolumeIdentifierKey", error ) = false then
  addError "There was a problem trying to get the disk ID for the destination", _
  NSErrorlocalizedDescription( error ), kErrorIconStop, currentmethodName
end if

FolderItem.ResourceForkLength would still be useful, as resource forks are still supported (I don’t intend to say they aren’t deprecated, but one can have files having resource forks anyway).
As for VRefNum and MacDirID, those were used to identify volumes/folders uniquely in the file system (e.g. for the SaveInfo string or for resolving aliases whose the original item was moved). How do these work now? (I’m not necessarily speaking about APFS, but also about HFS+ file systems still in use today).
As for FolderItem.MacFSRef, I’m not sure what this one was for.

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