Any plans to change the products offered by Xojo?

I currently only work on Mac (but expect that I’ll have to move to developing iPad apps to make Mac apps in the future).

I’d also like to be create console applications.

I’d also like to get “Fast fixes”, “Top-priority support” and have 2 license activations (as I will need one for when booted into Catalina and one for when booted into BS).

You know of the Pro Plus license?

If that’s not what you mean, then an email to is your best course of action with licensing questions.

Thank you Gavin,
Yes I am aware of the Pro + plan, as it contains some features I’d like (“Fast fixes”, “Top-priority support”).

I can do almost all of my work (except macOS console apps) with a Lite license, but I am really hoping for bug fixes and feature additions that I didn’t get by holding a Pro license.

I’ll draft an e-mail to


Have you spoken with some people who had such a license? You should.


Funny you should ask. I just have…

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I though you were a Pro users with a Xojo Pro license!?
Anyway as you need Xojo Pro for use of GIT, I would expect everyone doing serious development has one.

Please keep it civil, calling me an old GIT might be technically true, but still…


GIT is an acronym and stands for “Great In Theory” … or in your case for “Got Into Trouble” … :wink:

… and for Goodness sake, could someone change these awful emojis! It’s just a click in the Discourse settings to change from “Twitter” to “International” …


You don’t need pro to save for git, I can save text formats with my lowly desktop license. :slight_smile:

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Xojo is not a text friendly language (it needs cryptical IDE controlled tags to be loaded and used as the system needs to) nor is text editable friendly (you should not touch anything outside the IDE or you could potentially break something), so saving as text does not make it “git ready”. If you need to store versions in git, git will accept the Xojo not human readable blobs anyway.

While true, it can’t give as much analysis on WHAT changed as text file differences. It still would allow version tracking, branching, revert, etc. And sadly, the text version has too many cases where the number of text file differences are VERY misleading over things like true vs “true” or whatever. But I still prefer using the text version anyway.

Does the pro version save as something other than “Binary Project”, “XML Project”, or “Project”?

Only your license :innocent:

Yep. Really not git friendly. Anything causes false positives of “changes”. I do remember loading a project, doing few little changes, and the list of “differences” exploded. Differences not caused by me. The IDE moved things around, changed values, everything.

What I called blob, understand as “Binary Project”.

Ug. This so completely misses the point. If all you want to do is store versions, just use Dropbox. You won’t be merging and maintain code branches with binary projects in git.

You’re right, the text project is not intended for human editing. It still allows you to use git as it was intended, instead of a glorified backup system.

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Nor Xojo text.

Uh… I do it nearly daily. It’s entirely necessary for any production project to maintain at least two branches, one for the shipping version, and one for the version you’re not ready to release. I create branches all the time for features that I don’t know when I can release. Then just merge them where I need them. If you think you can’t do that with Xojo text projects in git, or that it’s somehow even difficult, you are very wrong.


As I said, Xojo changes things by itself. Xojo adds things by itself. And yes, using Xojo I don’t feel safe to handle changes by hand or merging things Xojo made unexpectedly different without creating something that Xojo will discard parts or break. Maybe the fact of you being an ex Xojo Engineer gives you the confidence for doing so, but I don’t.

I use an IDE script to cleanup the project before saving. The script in <> will produce a clean project in 2019r3.2 that is ready to commit to git as-is. All the junk lines toggling properties on and off or wrapping with quotes just to unwrap them later… all gone. It does not work in 2020r1, but I posted a modified one somewhere that I can’t find. It’s based on Beacon/Touch All Windows.xojo_script at 1.5 · thommcgrath/Beacon · GitHub but this linked version is specific to my project.

I’m not going to deny that having to jump through these hoops is asinine. I find it infuriating. But it is entirely possible.

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