Any news about Jrmie Leroy ?

Hello Forum,

I wonder if anybody knows what happened to Jrmie Leroy.
He did some great work for me last year - but now he seems to have vanished.
He doesn’t answer neither to mails nor to other messages…

Any ideas or information ?

He tweeted just over a week ago:

I received an email from him about a month ago in response to a question I had.

Had email conversation with him yesterday.

I have the same problem.

I recently bought some of his CustomUI products, got a few emails exchange to fix a few things, then… nothing.

I’ve also sent several mails since then, regarding some issues, and got no answer. I thought perhaps something happened to him but since Alexander had email conversation with him yesterday, I wonder…

There are some laws in some countries regarding software support when you sell softwares. I just hope he is aware of this before legal actions are taken but also simply before his own reputation and business go down.


I asked him a question yesterday about his TabRibbon component and he responded within 15 minutes. So I thinks he’s still alive and well.

So there is no reason why he wouldn’t answer our emails then.


spam filters?

Indeed! His mail was considered spam.

Not here.

But the good news is I just got a word from Jrmie :slight_smile:

Case closed.


He just responded to me about his CalendarView control just the other day…