Any Logging Class Available?

Is there a logging class which can/has:
-Severity levels
-Display the log in the application
-Easy to use

May also cost something.

I’m aware of System.Log and System.DebugLog. Both doesn’t meet my requirements as I see it.

I uploaded what I have here:

The original websites that hosted them seem to be gone.
Remember these are files for Realbasic, so you will probably have to make some small adjustments to bring them up to date for Xojo.
The two included projects are
LogIt 4.0 (see
Log (see

LogIt 4.0 is licensed under any of the following licences at the option of the user …

  1. The Creative Commons, Share Alike licence
  2. Free Software Foundation, GNU Lesser General Public License
  3. The following simple licence based on the Expat licence
    Kimball Larson helped program this one and as far as I know he is registered on this Forum.

Log’ about says: “This source code may be used freely by anyone taking full responsibility for doing so.”

Hope it helps.

Urs I wrote a logging class that emulates the SYSLOG format. Here is a link to my class if you are interested.

XOJO Log File Class

Here is the readme from this class and HTH.

What is this Logging Class?
    This is a Xojo class that supports facility log levels, subsystem category, and log messages using a timestamp format similar to syslog

Is this a GUI App?
     I have provided a brief quick demo GUI for demo purposes. The value of this app is in the Logging Class which you can very easily build into a more elaborate GUI based app.

How Do I see the logging?

    There are a few Constants that you will want to change in order to set the desired file names and paths for the following:

                System Log File: kSystemLogFile
                System Log Dir:  kSystemLogFileDir

                Error log File:  kErrorLogFile
                Error log Dir:   kErrorLogFileDir

                Default Log File Directory (if you dont change it): LogFileDir

                To View the logfile open a shell and do a:   tail -f <logfile>

Why is there an Error and Systelog methods?
     I personally found a need to log system messages separately from my errors so I separated the two.

Does this class cost anything?
    NO this class is free to use and is licensed under the BSD-3 Clause license

Dude you need to change or add this....
    Send me an email at or on twitter: mike_cotrone

Cool, just downloaded this one as well. Saves the trouble of having to bring the others up to date. :slight_smile:

I also just changed the Demo a bit to it actually reads the log file after you submit your entries. :slight_smile: Thanks Dirk!

Urs my demo also displays the logging in the TextArea on the GUI. HTH.

Mike, I think that’s exactly what I searched for. Have looked briefly and looks great.