Any idea how to scramble?

Need a starting direction.
How do I take a textfield sentence like “I enjoy programming with xojo!” and scramble it up into something like “programming I xojo! enjoy with”?


load textfield into a string
use the String Split method to split the string using the spaces as the split delimiter. Now you have an array of words
Use Shuffle to randomly re-arrange the array
Now read the array back into a new string, adding a space between each.

Got it! Thanks.

Just in case anyone who needs it.

Dim txtArray(-1) As String
Dim count As Integer
Dim s as String

s = TextField1.Text
count = CountFields(s," “)
txtArray = s.Split(” ")

Dim ScrambledText as string = Join(txtArray, " ")

Textfield2.text = ScrambledText