Any Drupal expertise here?

I want to start blogging on my site, but my blogs are being rejected due to SQL injection detection. If anyone knows a way around this please share.

What version? 7 or 8? Are you including code / sql snippets in the blog? When does the error occur? Are you able to save the post but then it doesn’t show up? Or not able to post at all?

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your reply, it’s an old 7.x installation and I’m including code for prepared statements. The error occurs when I post the blog & it seems like a SQL injection rejection. I can post other blogs without issues.

I’ll post on the Drupal slack channel and see if anyone has any ideas.

Thanks Tim

The response so far is that this is very unusual. My recommendation would be to make sure your site is running the latest version of 7.x and all your modules are up to date. If it persists, we can submit the problem to the security team (one of the responses was from a team member).

Thanks Tim