Any downside to grouping labels in a New Control Set?

I just read about people throwing their labels into a New Control Set, like one named Label1. Since Xojo doesn’t seem to offer a way to create a folder in the IDE to group such objects, I thought this might be a nice way to get around the terribly long list of Labels I in the Navigator for a particular WebPage.

Is there a downside to doing this? I see I can select all my labels and put them in a Control Set very quickly:

Select Label1 and place it in a New Control Set using the Gear icon in the Inspector pane. That Control Set ends up being called Label1, with a single Label in it: Label1(0).

Now select all the other Labels and choose to put them in that new Control Set in one step. They get renamed appropriately, as in an array: Label1(1), Label1(2), …, etc.

Very tempting. Is there a problem with this? Perhaps if I have code that accesses certain Labels (changing their color under certain conditions, e.g.), this might need some attention because they’re renamed.

I group all labels like that that are just labels. But if there’s going to be any need to refer to a label then don’t group that one and give it a descriptive name.