Any class for animations/math?

Does anybody know of any classes that handle animation maths for me. Here is a maths function which I feel like I could really do with:
Sorry I pasted in a Vector3 lerp, I am actually looking for a Vector2 aka point Lerp. I believe point is the equivalent in Xojo?
And you could try this link instead or as well (same thing but I believe the page is written differently):

If it is already built-in then that seems awesome. Just stating that this is not for programming a game. It is just that the Unity docs is what happened to pop up on google search of ‘Lerp’. I may also require other maths functions for similar uses that are not built-in to Xojo.


Try mine:

I was unsure on what this was. I was curous to check it out but I thought it was just for getting the timing write with animations but there is obviously more to it than that. Thankyou this is very interesting and helpful! GOOD JOB!!

Seems very initiative, I am impressed.

It’s pretty much the go-to module for handling UI animations in Xojo / Real Studio.

For the looks of things, you’re right! You have software development a ton more exciting for me. THANKS :wink:

‘For’, *By

Have I found a bug? On Windows, if I repeatadily click the Some Contents button, I have to wait for the sizing to finish a few times and sometimes the height goes above the expected boundries? This bug is not too important and definitely does not discourage me. I do not know if the OS has a lot do with it. THANKS

Not sure exactly. Animations will queue automatically. That might be what you’re seeing.