Anti-Piracy changes in Xojo ?

This is the second time in less than a week that Xojo 2015r1 refuse to build my application telling me I need a license to build the application.

I HAVE ONE AND I SET IT some days ago :frowning:

Yes, usually, I do not usually build my applications off internet, but this was not the case.

Same computer, same boot disk, same El Capitan, … same license #. This start to be boring, time after time.

Well no offense, but I would say if this was a major issue with either ElCap, Xojo or both, then there would be hundreds of people complaining… I am using exactly that same combination, and have never had any issues with it refusing to run, or demanding my license again…

I did some tests. I don’t have 2015r1 installed so the tests were done with 2016r3 on a Windows 10 and El Capitan. Before I proceed with the tests I made sure my xojo_license key was removed from Xojo and also checked on Xojo website that no license was used.

  1. Disable Internet
  2. Launch Xojo
  3. Enter xojo_license
  4. Xojo can build
  5. Shut down Xojo
  6. Re-launch Xojo
  7. xojo_license still showing in Xojo

Can repeat 5 to 7 any number of times as long as offline.

  1. Enable Internet
  2. Launch Xojo
  3. xojo_license no longer showing in Xojo
  4. Check Xojo website, no license used

Maybe the last time you entered, your computer was offline. But then… shouldn’t Xojo validates the license when next online.

Thank you for your answer.

No, last time I entered the license number (before it start again to be disabled), I do it with Xojo account open, and validate the license.

You may not know, but each time you run Xojo, it calls home to check if the boot disk is registered. Usually, it do nothing in this case. If you boot from a different hard disk, it disable the license #. This is a know (by me) behavior (and there can be some others, like writing in a file in the System’s Xojo folder…).

Now, what happens when you run Xojo 2016r3 on mine (to check something without trying to build) and lauch Xojo 2015r1 (also online): this I do not know. Worst: I do not want to waste my time with this as long as I use my registered license number and compile on the licensed Xojo version(s).

When you are registered, you are able to use the software. That is all I want to do. Unfortunately, this is not always the case (and FWIW: it was not the case for me for several weeks when Xojo was out / i got my license #, mostly because there was not a single instruction to register at the time. I do not know if this is still the case.).

I think I never was able to do that.

You do not have to type the eMail address you use to pay your Xojo license ?
(This is encrypted somewhere: I mistyped mine and was rejected (Off line))

No offense taken. But take a look at… the WIndows 10 Anniversary Update (update) from Sept. 13, 2016.

Did you hear about it ?

What was it ?
The update started and stop at 45%, 49%, 95% etc. and enters in an infinite loop and never installs unless you update your WIndows 10 Anniversary Update… differently.

I’ve gone to Microsoft web site on Sept. 14, 15, 16 and stop worrying there. A Google quest gaves me the two work-arounds (in the same blog, not related to Microsoft).

At least, even paranoid have ennemies :wink:
And I am not paranoid (but I could be).

And on a 300,000 installed Xojo licenses, how many of them have troubles, run a word-around without telling anything ?

This can apply to bugs too: how many bugs were discovered after release time: aka not seen by alpha, beta, delta… developers ?
Look at the bug Michel discovers lately…

[quote=287735:@Emile Schwarz]

I think I never was able to do that.

You do not have to type the eMail address you use to pay your Xojo license ?
(This is encrypted somewhere: I mistyped mine and was rejected (Off line))[/quote]

I should have been more clear. When I “Enter xojo_license”, I mean I drag the license file and drop it into Xojo License window. I must enter my email address I used for the license, otherwise it will be rejected.

I should also add that I do not “Sign in” on the Xojo software to register license. The last time I did this, my one copy of Xojo software on one computer would grabbed 2 separate licenses from Xojo website. (I used to have 2 licenses but 1 expired just 2 months ago.) End up both licenses used for 1 computer and this was confirmed on Xojo website. I do not know whether this has been corrected or still the same.


Emile, I’m sorry you are having trouble with your license.

I do encourage you to try a newer version of the IDE if you have it available. We did have an issue over the last few years where users’ computers would generate a different identifier on every launch, and the license mechanism was updated to handle that. We mostly saw this behavior on Linux, but it’s possible you are running into the same problem.

One thing I haven’t been able to discern from your notes here is whether or not something else has changed on your computer recently. Any hardware updates? New software, like antivirus or anti-malware?