Another SSL Woe

System specs:

  • Windows 2016 Server
  • Xojo 2017r3

Built a stand-alone web app. Bought a certificate. Followed Wayne Golding’s video tutorial in Youtube. Now, on my server, typing both HTTP and HTTPS work. Meaning, the ssl certificate works as it has a locked icon beside the url. When my web app is accessed remotely, it runs via http with a “Not secure” warning or broken lock from the browser. That is okay. However, when using https, the browser blocks it. You have to unblock it before the browser let it through while treating it as a non-secured site.

Please help.

do you forward the data to your app through iis or it is just a standalone app with as example port 1024?

standalone :
if u want use https your app need understand ssl/tsl at this port.
and a certificate must beside your app that is mentioned here.

via iis

its also possible that a web server app handle the ssl connection and your app is behind this and do not need ssl.
many opportunities.

you can register your web app as service with this command runnung cmd as admin.

if you will update the exe u need stop this service, deploy new exe and start the service.