Another little Win 7 Update Surprise...

So, I received an email from a Beta tester this evening passing comment that on my app, the menu’s were all aligned on the right, with the right hand edge of the menu bar aligned flush with the top item as opposed to left. Odd I thought, fired up my Windows 7 and sure enough, yup. Poking around, discovered some apps did this and some didn’t but whatever I created with RB and Xojo did.

This got me going, nothing odd on Xojo forums, nor the old RB ones. What is going on? Poked around the code, in the IDE and at the text format level, nothing odd.

FInally gave up and Googled. Yup, there was an update on WIn7 a while ago that set as default a feature. In Control Panel, click on Tablet PC Settings, and in the “Other” tab, see what is set as “Handeness”. Makes sense now (almost!)

Ah, the MS way! :frowning: Glad I was able to get a Mac Mini after my Macbook logic board fried!

i don’t see a Tablet PC setting under Control Panel on my Windows 7 machine.

You know, on my work W7 I don’t either, but on my co-workers one he does, and on my one at home I do!

I have used a 7" USB Touchscreen monitor as an odd on, wonder if that is enough to surface that.

I have seen this before. Have a look here:

richard, any picture of your problem on windows 7??

Yup, let me recreate it tonight and do a screengrab.

Wayne, basically that’s it. I did find the handeness option as mentioned in post 1. Just another MS supply.

I don’t have windows 7 but what happens if you Open a Run.exe and enter the following into the Field?


That should start your Tablet PC settings if it’s not in the Control Panel or at least it does on Win 8

After fighting the Snipping tool, and an Apple keyboard on Windows 7, I was able to do it on my Win8 laptop.

Left Handeness

Right Handeness (Default)


look like IE on windows…