Another Free App Count Lines of Code

S mentioned that he has a free app to count lines of code in a project. I also have such an app although in a somewhat different context.

I have been developing an app designed to be a repository for all the versions of all the code that a developer produces in Xojo.

It is called ArchiveXojo and is basically a database that stores all the versions of all the code listings across all the projects that a developer might have.

One of its ancillary functions is to count the characters, words, and lines of all the code in a given project.

The app is in an early beta form, but anyone interested could send me an email ( and I will send you the application for your evaluation.

does it open binary projects like arbed ?

It does not open binary projects directly. I have not used Arbed.

It gets Code Listings in two ways.

  1. You can save an existing project as a Xojo Project (as text) into a folder and use ArchiveXojo to navigate to that folder and import all the code in it. This primes the pump as it were.

  2. As you develop new code, you fire off a Xojo IDE Script that, coupled with some AppleScript, appends the code in the current code editing window to a text file. That text file, ever increasing in size, is (at intervals) imported into ArchiveXojo thus bringing new or modified code from the project and keeping ArchiveXojo up to date.

If you follow this practice, ArchiveXojo ends up with all the versions of all the code in a project under development.

One can create a Report in ArchiveXojo that will return the number of characters, words and lines from any project whose content has been imported (as per #1)