Another File Icon Question

There are a few threads on this, but none seem to answer my issue.
I’ve setup a custom file type for Mac. I think I entered the UTI and “Conforms To” correctly but when I save a file out it looks wrong on the desktop.
When I get info on the file, the icon shown is correct.

What am I doing wrong?
This time I’m sure it’s not just a “lack off coffee” mistake.

If you’re seeing the correct icon in “Get info” your icon is likely correct. The desktop just hasn’t updated yet. Restart the Finder or restart your Mac

Good news. Thanks!

The best way to test this is a fresh VM or you reset the launch services database. Different versions of an app really confuse the Finder. Also, some versions of Xojo had problems with UTIs.

To reset the launch services DB, use the “lsregister” Terminal command.

I’ve also made this Xojo program available for registering and searching the LS Registry for testing: - includes source code.