Another Christian/MBS endorsement

I was getting a weird crash with an MBS plugin so I e-mailed @Christian Schmitz yesterday. As it always happens, I figured out it myself within the hour (I was supplying a Color in a parameter instead of an NSColorMBS) and e-mailed again to tell him to disregard. This morning he emailed back to say he “fixed” the problem for the next version.

Because of course he did.

Not only do the MBS plugins fill in every gap you can think of at a reasonable price, the customer service simply cannot be beaten. Anywhere.


There are those of us that wonder aloud occasionally, “just how many of you are there really?” Surely, one person can not do the body of work that you perform/offer in the timely fashion you do. C’mon, come clean with us … There must be a bunch of “little Christians” running around there … much like the elves helping Santa. =D =D =D

AFAIK there’s him and one new employee

I got some help now with @Stefanie Juchmes beside my wife.

Your wife doesnt code does she ?
Maybe the children do ? ?

As usually it’s just me sitting here in my office…

We got a team website recently.

Anyway, Kem contacted me and I had a bit of time to check the issue and fix it right away.
And the new release was already planned for a few days to be today.

Christian misspelt his expo as MBS Cologne, it should be MBS Clone — there are dozens of Christians running at any one time via NginX.

You earn it.

MBS/Christian has saved me numerous times!

I think the MBS products and the service are great.

Please support our European Xojo Conference and join it!

Do yourself and us a favor and come to the event. Leave your little cave and meet real people using Xojo.

Part of what is so amazing is that apparently Christian personally wrote most (all?) of the stuff – some 65,000+ functions between the classes! – and still has time to prepare sessions for multiple conferences per year. Let alone just travel internally and attend them.

And not only authored the classes, but constantly updates them as OS changes evolve. MBS could stand for Mind Blowing Software. :slight_smile:

I first got them years ago when I needed to implement something faster than I had the time to write myself. But the depth of features it exposes makes the MBS Complete set a no-brainer.