Annual Survey question

I read the post about the annual survey, and recall reading one about last year, too.

Quick question - how are users notified of this? I don’t recall ever getting an email about it, and couldn’t find anything in my spam box either. I’d love to fill one out but can’t find any evidence of having ever been invited to do so.

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For some reason the email for the Survey was in my Spam folder,
Dated 06/13
Subject: Xojo Annual User Experience Survey 2022

Just marked as “not spam”, too bad I didn’t see it before.

What are the reply-to and sender domains on that email? or some other domain? I’ll whitelist it for next time. I’m wondering if my web host ditched it at the server. We have fairly aggressive settings because we get a lot of spam. I have low-scoring spam get flagged and high scoring just get thrown out at the server. Rarely is anything important in there though.

That’s the domain, the mail is from Constant Contact servers.



@Perry_Paolantonio You are opted out of Xojo emails, so that is why you did not receive it. If you would like to opt back let me know and I can email you a link to do so.

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Huh. Thanks. I just opted back in.