Annoying IDE Code Editor Focus Bug

On Mac OS X, am I the only one annoyed with the blinking cursor in the Code Editor? If the Code Editor does not have the focus, there is a visible and static (i.e. non-blinking) cursor. It is my belief that it should disappear if the pane does not have the focus.

It’s a visual thing. If I see the cursor I think it has the focus. If I have to wait to see if it’s blinking it’s too late. Half the time I think I just blinked at the wrong time.

It’s not a critical bug but it sure is annoying. What are your thoughts?

Hate it - but can live with it.

That and the fact that the cursor jumps from the Inspector to Editor when you create new items…

I start typing a parameter list only to find it appearing in the middle of code I just pasted instead of where the cursor had been just seconds before.

I keep starting to type only to find that the focus is actually in the search bar above the project explorer on the left, so it searches for what I typed within the project explorer. Then when I delete the text it resets all my open folders, modules, methods and sub-items to closed. Really annoying when you have a large project with a lot of open folders and sub-items.

The most annoying thing is that I hardly ever use the project explorer search bar, so I don’t know why the focus keeps jumping back there. I guess it must default there after I do something although I’ve not really worked out what yet. Maybe it’s after a debug run or something.


Agree with all the above. I pump the tab key two or three times and that seems to bring the focus back into the code editor again.