Announcing RubberViews from Match Software

Wilmington, Delaware, April 17, 2015 — Match software announces the immediate availability of RubberViews, the best multi-resolution tool available for Xojo Desktop development for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

RubberViews is a unique class that you place on a window or a container control, and it manages automatically the layout of that window for all available sizes and resolutions, tested and proofed from 800x600 up to 2550x1600.

Design your window at the size you like best, RubberViews does the rest. Very easy to use, this class is the result of many years of development, until now kept for internal use.

RubberViews not only adapts the layout to any size, but it changes the content of controls to match. That is not limited to crude font size, but it extends to complete management of all styles and fonts in TextArea, ListBoxes RowHeight, HTMLViewer enlargement level (zoom can be used on top), images within BevelButtons, ImageWell, Canvas Backdrop, keeping the aspect ratio of the picture intact for perfect rendition. Window and container control backdrop images are also supported, with aspect ratio, or stretched to fill the entire background. The unique RubberCanvas which comes as part of the package enables you to draw in Paint at the design resolution, and see it scaled automatically at all sizes without extra code.

TabPanel and PagePanel controls are supported too, all controls within and pages throughout.

Dynamic controls are supported ; any control can be added at any time, through EmbedWithin for ContainerControl or New for Control sets as usual.

Individual controls can be set as ignored to manage yourself. Controls that must keep their aspect ratio, such as circles and squares, can be set individually so they do not stretch.

RubberViews sports a unique full support of Mac OS X and Cocoa. It manages perfectly all current controls in the Mac OS X Xojo library, including Container Controls, and even custom controls such as ColorCanvas. All 10 button styles, with default true or not, with each its particular resizing behavior. For instance, the default button with style Push has a different behavior when set as default or not. This is impeccably controlled, and the discrepancies observed elsewhere do not happen. RubberViews also manages font size for controls that cannot resize vertically by avoiding awkward overblown fonts. Content grows up to a maximum only to preserve the cleanliness of the UI.

The Windows support of RubberViews has been patiently perfected to manage the current desktop, as well as the controls necessary for the Metro UI. That means resizing takes into account the need for support of the touch interface, in particular on Windows tablets. That is where RubberViews is a major asset, to cover all resolutions without the need for several windows. On the high end of the spectrum, RubberViews insures perfect results on Hi Dpi screens such as 2550x1600 or over (8K), by providing seamless support of controls that are crisp and well proportioned, and support for scaling. RubberViews has been extensively tested under Windows 10 that will be released in Autumn.

Complete personal assistance on all three platform by email, or on the Xojo forum, including code review and idea box, for a smooth and enjoyable programming experience.

Supported platforms and versions

RubberViews supports all versions of Xojo, since 2013R1 up to the current 2015R2, and all three platforms : Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Pricing and availability

RubberViews is available immediately from

Lifetime license for the current version, Introductory price :

$39.95 Encrypted class
$49.95 Unencrypted, full source code

Upgrade is available to go from encrypted to full source code, and a fully functional evaluation version is available for download on the side.


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