Announcing Maebh - Static Site Generator

I’ve just released on GitHub my static site generator called Maebh (pronounced Mayve after my daughter). Maebh takes a collection of Markdown files and builds them into a website. It’s a command line tool and I’m releasing precompiled 64-bit binaries for macOS and Windows as well as the source. It’s open source and MIT licensed. Comprehensive documentation is available in the readme but it supports the following out of the box:

  • Tags
  • Full theming engine
  • Archives
  • Custom post variables
  • Post metadata
  • Navigation
  • Pagination

This is the second iteration of my static site generator (the first was called Aoife) and is a significant improvement. This version not only adds things like tags but also uses a SQLite database under the hood to provide caching during the build process.

Using it from the command line is simple:

maebh create site blog cd blog maebh build

I’d appreciate any feedback you can give. I’m particularly looking for some testing on Windows (as I develop primarily on macOS).