Announcing Backup To Go 1.0 From Ohanaware

Don’t leave the safety of your important files to chance. What if your Mac gets damaged, or stolen? Hard drives fail, even backup drives can fail, especially when needed most.

Replacing a computer is one thing, but replacing your photos*, projects, web layouts, thesis, book drafts, artwork, graphic designs, app ideas and many other kinds of irreplaceable files & data, can be impossible. Unless you have adequate protection.

Everyone who owns a computer needs to think about multiple backup solutions. Before it’s too late, and your digital belongings are lost forever.

Backup To Go is a must have utility, it adds the much needed extra level of protection. Making it ridiculously easy to take and keep your files safely with you, all the time.

Simply plug in a USB Stick, Thumbdrive, SD card or an external Hard Drive, and configure it with Backup To Go. Then Every time the disk is plugged into the Mac, Backup To Go will automatically copy the latest files and changes to the portable backup disk.

Many USB Sticks or Thumbdrives have keychain loops, SD cards are small enough to fit in a wallet, while external Hard Drives can fit in a purse or stay in the car. The important point is, there is an extra layer of protection in case the worst does happen.

Download Backup To Go today, and give your digital belongings the much needed protection they deserve.

Key Features of Backup To Go:
• Automatically backs up the latest changes and files, when the backup disk is plugged in.
• Automatically ejects the disk on completion, so it can safely be removed and taken with you*.
• Can automatically launch at the same time as your computer starts.
• Simple & straight forward Interface.
• Menubar icon for convenient access.
• Saves battery life, by using zero energy while idle.
• Retina ready.
• Supports multiple simultaneous backups, allowing different files to be copied to different disks, or the same files to different disks.
• Uses the fastest copy methods we could find.

• USB Sticks or Thumbdrives, SD Cards and external Hard Drives can fail. Which is why Ohanaware do not recommend using Backup To Go as your sole backup solution. Backup To Go should be used as an additional layer of protection, to something like Apple’s Time Machine.
• Backup To Go is not designed for backing up the operating system or applications, only important data files.
• Ohanaware recommend that in order to maintain optimum data safety, multiple solutions are employed simultaneously and continually kept up to date.
• *Photos, Movies and Photoshop files may require a large capacity disk.
• *Backup To Go will not automatically eject the disk, if there are errors during back up.

Download it free today from the following link: