Announcement: XUI Framework Release 2.1

Well it took 4 days but I’m happy to announce XUI release 2.1 which fixes a lot of bugs with the new XUIInspector control but also adds several new features.


  • Added XUIInspectorColorItem. This is a new item for XUIInspector for displaying a caption beside a colour swatch. Integrates effortlessly with the XUI colour picker control.
  • Added a XUIInspectorColorGroupItem which is another new item for the XUIInspector that allows the user to select a ColorGroup (i.e. a light and dark colour).
  • Added XUICodeEditor.CurrentSelectionAsString() method.


  • XUIColorPicker now sends less frequent notifications.
  • Added a new ToString() extension for the Xojo ColorGroup data type.
  • Text field items in the XUIInspector can now accept the focus via the tab key and you can tab between items in the inspector.
  • Greatly improved text field interactivity with the mouse in the XUIInspector. Added support for gestures such as double clicking to select the whole word, etc.
  • Consolidated XUICETextSelection and XUIInspectorTextSelection into one class – XUITextSelection.


  • Fixed an issue on macOS where scrollbars where overly intrusive if scrollbars were set to “always show” in system settings.
  • Horizontal scrollbar in macOS now works correctly.

The demo app has been updated to show the new features.

I had a query about slow start up times of the demo app on Windows. This can happen if you have lots of fonts installed on your system because I pre-load a list of all monospace fonts at first launch (as I use them in the code editor demo).

As always, there is comprehensive documentation.

Licenses are £50 for the encrypted classes or £150 for the full source code. All purchases come with 12 months of updates and support. Read more.


It’s often a good idea to move such code to a thread and let it run in the background.

Yeah I know. Unfortunately I’ve engineered the demo into a bit of a corner. I will improve it but I just wanted to get this patch out as quickly as possible.

I’ve just pushed yet another updated (release 2.1.1) which squashes a few nasty bugs with the inspector, mostly on Windows. Tabbing now works much better, as does the colour picker.

I also added support for the Shift-Tab key combo to move to the previous control in the inspector.

The demos have also been updated.

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