[Announcement] HTML Edit Web Update 1.4

Hello everyone!
A small update to HTML Edit Web today.

Round Trip Loading
In this new version, HTML Edit uses a round-trip check to ensure that the Quill editor has loaded in the browser before attempting to start up. This prevents javascript errors on slower connections.

It has been tested on simulated connections as slow as 56k and loads reliably every time.

Try It Out!
Give the demo a try! It’s fully functional in debug mode. To build or deploy, purchase a license for $79

About HTML Edit
HTML Edit is a drop in control that helps desktop developers get and set HTML for WYSIWYG Rich Text editing. This Xojo wrapper / translator harnesses the power of Quill. You can slam complex markup at the control and it will render quickly, and display just as the markup would in a browser. To make things easy it mimics much of the functionality of a TextArea, so you already know how to use it. HTML Edit lets you use native Xojo code to control the Quill editor, so you’re working with strings, booleans, and colors - instead of sorting out JavaScript errors.

Product Page: http://htmledit.timi.me/
Download Demo: http://htmledit.timi.me/demo/web
Docs: http://htmledit.timi.me/docs.html