[Announcement] HTML Edit Now Available for Xojo Web!

Hello everyone!
An exciting day today! HTML Edit finally comes to the Web!

Drop-in Solution
HTML Edit is so easy to use because it’s a simple drop-in solution.
No setup is required, no files to include; the control is self-contained.

Security and Privacy
HTML Edit being self contained, does not need to load external resources.
This means you can use HTML Edit in a private, secure environment.

Desktop Feature Parity
A lot of work went in to making sure HTML Edit for Web has the same features and power as HTML Edit for Desktop. All of the properties are there and available. Even the selection format properties! You can basically use HTML Edit as you would a TextArea for Desktop.

About HTML Edit
HTML Edit is a drop in control that helps desktop developers get and set HTML for WYSIWYG Rich Text editing. This Xojo wrapper / translator harnesses the power of Quill. You can slam complex markup at the control and it will render quickly, and display just as the markup would in a browser. To make things easy it mimics much of the functionality of a TextArea, so you already know how to use it. HTML Edit lets you use native Xojo code to control the Quill editor, so you’re working with strings, booleans, and colors - instead of sorting out JavaScript errors.

Try It Out!
Give the demo a try! It’s fully functional in debug mode. To build or deploy, purchase a license for as low as $19

As a special offer, now through 29th February 2016 existing Source Code users can pick up HTML Edit for Web at a discount: http://htmledit.timi.me/xgrade.php

Product Page: http://htmledit.timi.me/
Download: http://htmledit.timi.me/download.html
Documentation: http://htmledit.timi.me/docs.html

Sorry for the bump, I’m just going to add the word CKEditor to this thread so it can be found while searching.

I was going through the Web SDK subsection and there were a number of posts about CKEditor.
It seems everyone wants to re-invent the wheel, but I never saw a post where anyone got it working.

Have a nice day!