Announcement: Contract singing service helps Light Blue users save face from typos

We launched our online contract signing service (with a desktop app written in Xojo) a few days ago, and we’ve been bowled over by the response. However, our beta testers have been telling us they’ve sometimes mistakenly typed ‘contract signing’ as ‘contract singing’, then hitting ‘send’ without spell-checking - and that leads to embarrassing emails between photographer and customer.

We don’t like it when people lose face like that, so we’ve teamed up with Cambridge Chorale to launch the world’s first contract singing service with options available for all occasions and budgets. It’s available from today, Wednesday April 1.

Watch a video today to find out more about why we’ve launched it, and hear example contracts being sung!

that is extremely funny video…


Our april fool’s gags are some of the most effective marketing we do…

Brilliant! The most well executed April Fool’s prank in a long time.

Thank you! We try our best, ably assisted by some of the best composers ever…

Better than a contract singeing service :stuck_out_tongue:

I just hear one of the Pythons when I listen to the narrator of the video :stuck_out_tongue:

Very funny !

Contract singeing is for when you don’t agree to the terms.
Which Python am I?!

brilliant. just brilliant. :slight_smile:

Not sure which python it’d be.
Something about the deadpan intonation and the seriousness of the presentation despite the obvious humor is just perfect.

In that case I’ll be John Cleese, please and thank you.
April fools gags only work if you’re really serious. The choir rehearsed for ten minutes before we did the recording to make sure that they didn’t giggle at it.

Very well done

Cleese would be appropriate for this :slight_smile: