[ANN]: Vecite Files API


Vecite Files (“Veh-sih-tee Files”) is a secure offline file sharing system, built with Xojo web framework. If you have sensitive data, like financial statements, personnel files, and legal documents, Vecite Files is a safer way to share that information with others than email, Evernote, or Dropbox. You can learn about it in our introductory video here:


Aside: If you’ve tried or purchased anything from out StudioStable.com website, we’ve used our Vecite Files system to make it available to you, and you’ve used the system to download it.


We now have a RESTful session-based API that will allow your application to upload and download files, and query for files available to a user. We have a set of Real Studio classes that make the API easy to integrate into your applications. You can read about the API here:


Aside: We developed the API and client classes with pre-release versions of Xojo, with occasional use of Real Studio 2012r2.1. As Vecite Files is a Web Edition application, we still have to build with 2012r2.1 until Xojo is made public.

“Prototype” Application: Vecite Transcribe

One of my partners has a medical transcription business. Doctors in the United States dictate reports in the afternoon over the phone into his servers, and his transcriptionists in India have them transcribed for use by the doctor in the morning. He has been looking for a way to expand his business to television, radio, and podcast production.

The biggest challenge is getting the audio from a production company to his transcriptionists efficiently. Producers who want transcriptions of raw audio / video often are not technically adept enough to extract the audio and save in a compressed format that can be shipped off to India in reasonable time over reasonable bandwidth. Example: they submit a 500 MB .wav file with CD quality audio when a 10 MB MPEG-4 encoded file with phone quality audio would do fine.

So we developed an app, using the Vecite Files API, that a producer uses to gather audio and supporting files and specify options for the transcription work order. It converts the audio to something workable using open source command line tools behind the scenes. It securely uploads the audio and supporting files to the transcription business’s Vecite Files system. The transcription business is notified of the new work order. They securely download the files, perform the transcription, then securely upload the results to their Vecite Files system and share with the customer. The customer is notified and downloads the completed work. Here is a video of the software in action:


And here is more about the Vecite Transcribe service:


Your Application

If your application needs secure cloud backing store with secure file sharing features available out of the box, you might want to look at Vecite Files. We’re offering a new Developer package that includes the API for $99.95 per year. This is great for getting your application running. Our Professional package is $649.95 per year. You might put one customer for your application on a Professional system or you might put many. It depends on your application.

I invite you to give Vecite Files and our new API a look. They open up new possibilities for secure cloud file storage and sharing for your applications.