[ANN]: Studio Stable Web Essentials 2013r7

Hi there,

I’m happy to announce Studio Stable Web Essentials 2013r7. Try the new demo here:


There are two new features:

  1. WEAudioPlayer is a visual audio player using the

  2. WEScaledImage lets you fit or fill an image into a rectangular area. You could use this to provide a wallpaper background that resizes on the client side appropriately to fill the browser window. You can also use this to provide hi resolution images for High DPI (aka “Retina”) displays. To try this, go to the demo (above), click “#3” in the top left segmented control, then click “Scaled ing” in the top right segmented control.

There are some bug fixes as well.

We’ll will be offering the “mySession”, WELocalStorage, and WESessionStorage pieces of Web Essentials in a free package soon. Lots of developers could benefit from using these.

If you buy a license between now and October 9, 2013, you’ll get $10 off the purchase price. That comes to $59.95. Full source code is included.


Brad Hutchings
Hutchings Software