[ANN]: Studio Stable Web Essentials 2013.3

Studio Stable Web Essentials 2013.3 is available. Learn about it here and try our demo app online:


Web Essentials is a growing set of classes and controls that will help you make great web applications with Xojo and Real Studio. Changes in this update include:

• Added kUseSSG constant to WEPictureUtilities. Set to false if you don’t have Studio Stable Graphics.
• Added Selected(caption as String) to WESegmentedControl.
• Added Selected(caption as string, assigns value as Boolean) to WESegmentedControl.
• Added a class, WESession. Make your “Session” object that class.
• Added mySession setter/getter for Timer, TCPSocket, Thread. When you create a server-side Timer, TCPSocket, or Thread in a Session, WebPage, WebContainer, or WebControl, assign mySession for the new object. When you destroy the object, you can set mySession to nil. Or you can wait for WESession.close to handle that automatically for you.
• Copy/paste bug for folder of classes fixed in Xojo 2013.1b19.
• Added methods HH_MM_SS_24 and HH_MM_SS_AMPM to WEDateUtilities.
• Added method “FormatToFit” to WETextUtilities. Formats text into lines wrapping at specified number of character columns. Especially useful for generating plain text emails.
• Added SelectedRows method to WEWebControlUtilities. Returns array of selected rows of WebListBox.
• Added SelectionEnabled method to WEWebControlUtilities. Allows you to turn text selection of WebListBox items on/off in browser.
• Changed naming convention for private properties and methods to be consistent with Xojo rules.

Web Essentials is $49.95, and includes free updates for the life of the product.

Hy Brad
as i see your WESegmentedControl respects the Styles you applied to it. See FB 18772 Am i right? Also checked the functionality under ios (ipad and android with ff mobile is working ) That could be worth the price. Also you did a nice job i like the Iframe Wordpress integration with a consistant background. Thumbs up…

Thanks Christian. The WESegmentedControl is built from scratch with WebLabels, and has what I think is a more convenient API supporting typical uses, such as page navigation. You might think that wouldn’t perform well with high latency. After the page is opened, we don’t notice any significant performance lag serving from the US to customers in India. When our pages open, they do take a few seconds from India, but they have a lot going on.

I think the real value of Web Essentials is getting the “mySession” stuff right. It has eliminated Session-related problems for me and several customers, now including with server-side controls like Timer, Thread, and TCPSocket, and without having to subclass those and descendants.

I concur with the Session paragraph - works very well in my project :slight_smile:

The mySession doesn’t work in modules, and I have a lot of functions in modules that used the “session.”
What is there make it work ?

I answered Valry offlist, as I was super busy on a project yesterday and didn’t visit the forums. The answer is… pass “mySession as Session” as a paramter to module methods. I know from experience on the first large project I applied the mySession stuff to that it can be a lot of work. But the alternative of Session global issues that just wouldn’t go away wasn’t acceptable. That’s ultimately the trade-off.


Does anyone know what happened with Studio Stable Web Essentials? Thanks.

Brad probably took his toys and went home… He left the Xojo world behind a few years ago if I recall

And burned some bridges too.

and a few villages too if I recall

Ok, Thanks!!


Brad could be rough (euphemism), but it was very frank. Most importantly, it helped a lot and contributed much to the community. He passionately defended Xojo and Xojo Inc.

Apparently, one day, he felt hurt by a reaction/posture of a Xojo employee (I think that he considered that Xojo Inc. “lied” about an issue that he considered important, it was something like that I think, I don’t remember very well). So, he left. No half measures when one is passionate. But his passion also helped a lot of people here, thank you Brad.

A person with integrity. I would have liked to meet you.

No, you wouldn’t.

Brad lost it. He started insulting people around and stuff, before he decided he no longer wanted to hear neither about Xojo, nor about his own customers. I think he was really in a bad shape.

Would it not be time to lock this undead thread ?

[quote=293299:@Michel Bujardet]Brad lost it. He started insulting people around and stuff, before he decided he no longer wanted to hear neither about Xojo, nor about his own customers. I think he was really in a bad shape.
Would it not be time to lock this undead thread ?[/quote]

I’m sorry. I did not mean to do it. Just I am asking for the tool. For me it is locked.

I’ve tried to keep very quiet on the Brad situation for a few reasons.

At the time Brad was last on the scene he was on MY payroll - I was his boss - for a 6 to 12 month period leading up to his departure I was dealing with Brad on a daily basis.

To say Brad has no integrity is flat out wrong. To say you wouldn’t want to meet Brad is flat out sad.

I’ve met Brad face-to-face as well as through virtual means both personally and professionally. Brad is a VERY intelligent, personable man and technically very able - he IS a nice guy. He is also very passionate about pretty much everything he does, and it was this passion that led to the way he left the community and Xojo in the way he did.

From conversations we had - he felt he was VERY let down by members of this community and in some way felt both setup and hung out to dry.

There is a lot more to this situation than some of the uninformed members of the community know.

- now -

I am not condoning his actions in any way, he went so far off the rails it was not funny - he upset a lot of people and I can understand some of the reaction we are seeing here. Some things have come to light since that period, outside social media, which had I known at the time I would have taken Brad aside and set him straight but it’s all history now.

At the time I kept telling him he needed to calm down on both the forum and Twitter as he was burning a lot of bridges. And in some ways, some of this had a reflection on me which I did not appreciate.

Having an easily irritable mind makes you an unreliable person and an unsuitable business-partner.

No matter how intelligent you otherwise may be, no matter how very useful the stuff you produce may be, if you take any remark out there as a personal insult then you become a business risk yourself.

The only reason why I never bought from Brad was becauseI saw him as such an easily irritable person. I still think his work is brilliant. But his sudden leave proved me to be right and I am glad I do not rely on his work, now.

I rely on Christian’s MBS Plugins. This man is reliable and definitely not an easily irritable person.

And therein lies my point…

This is a prime example of the way you conduct yourself on social media having an impact on how people view you professionally. All I’m saying is that there is more to this than has been written about here and, as time went on, frustration became more and more a part of his actions here.

My interactions with Brad are very different to what has been portrayed here. I’m not trying to defend anyone.

Having said all of that - there is one incident, I only became aware of recently, that is far beyond acceptable behaviour.